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The Prestige Range

If you are looking for exceptional quality images that purvey the highest level of exclusivity and uniqueness, then our Prestige Range of curated images, bonded on to thick acrylic panels are going to be perfect for your bathroom and shower room walls.

We have procured the exclusive rights to reproduce the most beautiful and stunning photographs and artworks as printed acrylic panels for your showers and bathrooms. These are not available elsewhere.

We only use the incredible hard coated, scratch resistant Ultra Gloss Acrylic. As well as being easier to clean, this means that your beautiful wall shower and bathroom panels will stay looking perfect for years to come because the exposed surfaces will not abraid over time due to the normal usage that all wall panels suffer over time.

This applies to all normal usage environments like public bathrooms in clubs, hotels & restaurants as well as for ensuite and family bathrooms at home.

We fully guarantee the long lasting quality and durability of our materials, designs and manufacturing processes. 20 years is an exceptional guarantee and will out live the life cycle of most bathrooms and showers, commercial and domestic. Naturally this applies to correct installation and normal usage!
My splashback has just arrived and I wanted to tell you how very pleased I am with it! You have certainly done a terrific job and I couldn’t be more delighted. – it looks stunning! I can’t wait to get my main bathroom and the kitchen done! – not to mention show this first one off to my relatives and friends!

Thank you – thank you very much.

Mrs S. Blackmore
Here are five images of our finished kitchen with the acrylic splashbacks in their full glory!!

Thanks for a superb product!

S. Lonie

Ultra Gloss Hard Coated Acrylic™ is more than just another wall covering system

Exciting Ranges, Easy Custom Ordering & Expert Support give you splashbacks, bathroom & shower panels in every design and colour imaginable!

Which Material Is Best For Your Kitchen, Bathroom or Shower?

Ultra Gloss Hard Coated™

Unique Hard Coated Acrylic Panels beautifully printed with any image or colour. Tougher than glass!

Perfect For All Domestic & Commercial Environments

Made to order in any size up to 3 meters long, hard coated and with incredibly vibrant colours. Easy wipe clean hygenic surface and Guaranteed for 20 Years!

Ultra Gloss Acrylic™

Vibrant colours and images, stunning Ultra Gloss finish and made to order up to 3 meters

Perfect For Everyday Environments

Half the weight of glass and with 10x the impact strength, these panels are practical for so many environments

Perspex™ Basics Range

Our Perpsex™ solid colours are tough, long lasting & provide a great finish. Ideal for the budget conscious!

Perfect For All Environments Where Economy Is A Priority

Being lightweight, durable, fast & easy to install, as well as economical they are many peoples first choice. Available in many colours.

Glass Hob splashbacks

Toughened glass with printed images and a huge range of colours set to the rear of the panels

Perfect for wall mounting to the rear of gas hobs

Full range of standard & custom sizes in regular and low iron glass for when you need to colour match with the acrylic panels.

Everyone Loves Our Top Selling & Scratch Resistant ‘Ultra Gloss Hard Coated Acrylic™’

Check Out The Pictures Our Customers Have Sent In…

When ordering you can have virtually any style or design imaginable. Our customers are always thrilled with their shower and bathroom wall panels as well as their splashbacks. Below are some of the latest images that have been sent to us.

Poppy Red Splashback

Orange Glass Hob Splashback

Custom Splashback

Red Acrylic Splashback

Glass Hob Picture Splashback

Lilac Acrylic Splashback

Turquoise Upstand

Printed Acrylic Shower Panel

Picture Shower Panel

Picture Kitchen Splashback

Plum Coloured Splashbacks

Coming Soon

Coming Soon!

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Why is our flagship product ‘Ultra Gloss Acrylic™’ becoming the most in demand kitchen splashback, shower and bathroom panels system in the UK? Could it be that it is optically more pure, lighter in weight and more scratch resistant than glass? Or is it that when combined with our printing technologies we are able to produce the most devastatingly beautiful panels?

Let’s face it, Ultra Gloss Acrylic is a truly aspirational product and as a team we are dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible.

With your imagination for how you would like the finished product to look – the sky is the limit!

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