Waterfalls Printed Acrylic Shower PanelsAre you fed up of having the same old styles in your home? Bathrooms, along with kitchens, are two of those rooms which will considerably increase the value of your home when tastefully and correctly fitted out. Acrylic shower panels are now available which will give you that style that you’ve been searching for and they can also be used around your bath. No longer do you need to have old-fashioned tiling or be the same as your neighbours!

Do acrylic shower panels need professional installation?

Having to spend more money on installation is something which could put many people off from buying acrylic shower or bathroom panels, but the good news is that you can quite quickly and easily fit them yourself without the need for specialist intervention. Most companies will also supply you with fitting instructions and have a helpful phone line in case you get a little stuck.

Can these panels be bought in one piece?

While you may think that a one piece system would work out cheaper, it may not give you the look which you are striving for. Not many people’s bathrooms or shower rooms are completely square with 90 degree corners. Just imagine what a standard one piece system, straight off the processing line would look like if you have to use an inch of grout at one corner to make up for the discrepancy and one 1/8th of an inch in the opposite corner – not very good, right?

There are acrylic shower panels which are available in both standard and bespoke sizes, meaning that if you are in a relatively new build, you will often find that the corners are more precise than in older homes and so the standard sizing might well suit your needs. However, if you are in an older property, then you will need to use a company which can offer you different sizes.

Does thickness matter?

Most people would assume that thicker is better but that is not necessarily true. Once the wall panels have been fitted, the thickness of the material used doesn’t matter if it is a solid Perspex colour although the thicker panels are less likely to break if they are installed over an uneven surface.

If you are ordering the premium panels which are vinyl or image backed on to and bonded with transparent acrylic, then the thicker 5mm materials do give you a richer experience with a greater sense of depth to the image or colour. It adds something special.

Palm Trees and Beach shower panels and bathroom wall panelsMake sure you order a fitting kit and take time to read the instructions. You will get the best, most durable finish in your bathroom as long as the adhesive used is the recommended one. As with any decorating project, you should take your time with preparation too –if you’re trying to fit something to a bumpy wall, then you’re not going to get a great finish. Go over it with a sander first to give a nice smooth finish to place the wall panel onto.

Acrylic isn’t hard-wearing, or is it?

You may be pleasantly surprised to discover just how hard-wearing acrylic actually is. As with all products, this is a case of ‘you get what you pay for’ and if you want longevity and a beautiful finish then find a company which only work with quality materials. Look for names such as Perspex™ or Ultra Gloss Hard Coated Acrylic™ etc. Also look for scratch-resistant products which are preferably hard coated – the materials will be up to coping with the usual wear and tear experienced in a warm and moist environment.

You should also look for a company with a great guarantee – 15 years is good, but if you can find a 20 year guarantee, you can be certain of a great finish. No company is going to put their name to that long a guarantee if they’re not confident in their quality.

Can you get different pictures and styles?

When you’re searching for acrylic shower panels or bathroom wall panels, you want to have a great choice of styles and colours available. So whether you want something classic, like neo-Roman pillars, or something warm and friendly like dolphins with a blue background, you can be pretty sure your neighbours will not have the same in their bathroom!