New York Skyscrapers elevated view printed acrylic shower panelsMany people are now discovering that their shower area no longer has to be the plain old white tiles that we have been accustomed to for some years now. No, in fact, today there are a huge range of modern acrylic shower panels available that will add a vibrant colour to your bathroom and ensure that your day gets off to a bright start.

There are so many colourful panels available, all of them holding a real density that will really offer something to your bathroom, that we really should take a look.

So why choose acrylic shower panels?

Well acrylic colours really are beautiful and clean. Every colour gives the effect of a high gloss surface, providing a look that is difficult to come by without spending inordinate amounts of money on overpriced paint.

The colours and pictures that are available are the most vibrant available on the market today and they hold their shade and gloss over the years, not fading like your average bathroom wall paint or picking up stains like your grouting around tiles.

Another bonus of going acrylic is the true range of colours and pictures that are available. Acrylic shower panels really are on the up, and with so many people looking to install them in their bathroom today manufacturers are ensuring that the array of colours, coupled with the printed pictures, is as versatile, if not more, than the range of paints available.

Hues & Tones For Mood Creation

If it is a classic but stunning look in your bathroom the ‘Antique white’, ‘Azure mist’ or ‘Almond’ would fit in perfectly, providing all of the benefits of acrylic, such as being mould resistant and easy to clean, while looking original, neat and tidy. If you are looking for something a little more zesty, to give you that required pep in the morning, you should look towards the ‘Kiwi’, ‘Lime green’, ‘Lemon yellow’ or the ‘Chartreuse’ to name a few.

Yellow -m Acrylic Shower PanelsThese are not the only options available however, oh no, there are far far more where they came from. Those of us looking to go for a calm, relaxing shower in a bathroom that will make us feel like we are in a modern spa, there are a huge amount of options to choose from. ‘Chamomile’, ‘Candyfloss’ and ‘Baby doll’ are a few of these that really allow you to prepare for the day ahead, or unwind at the end of a long working day. Perhaps the thing to do is look at our printed acrylic wall panels product pages here

More Bathroom Wall Panel Ideas

The colours discussed here a just a small number of what is available today. There really is something for everyone. Whether you have a professional, classic, modern, peaceful or snazzy looking bathroom, you are sure to be able to find just the right colour for you.

On top of that the acrylic shower panels revolution really is making life easier on homeowners the world over today. Easier to clean, and looking fresh for longer than anything else available, they really do require minimum effort. On top of that every panel can now be cut and fitted specifically for your bathroom meaning that everything stays neat, tidy and looking just the way you want it. Join the acrylic revolution and get the colour you want.