sunflower printed acrylic shower panelsOne of the key decisions faced while renovating or building a new home is consideration of the materials to be used in building the bathrooms. This decision would depend on one’s space, budget and personal preferences. It would be important to put into consideration the beneficial aspect of all the materials before being decisive on the one to choose, here we are going to focus on colour and printed acrylic shower panels and compare them to tiling your wet room area.

This can either be tiled walls or plastic trays that may be used together with the tiled walls or acrylic wall panels as an alternative thus delivering the aesthetic appeal of tiles with the practical benefits of an acrylic or plastic tray and eliminating the leakage concerns sometimes associated with poorly installed tile shower systems.

Protective Qualities Of Acrylic Shower Panels

The surrounds of the shower are in most cases made up of hard materials so as to prevent long term damage by protect the room walls from moisture as well as offering significant aesthetic appeal.

The various attributes of the different styles of shower enclosure need be considered while exploring the options. Putting into consideration the use the plastic tray, it is beneficial to be used because:

A plastic base reduces installation costs since the tile membrane is not used on the floor, and the fall for drainage is already set up on the tray.

Compared To Tiles

In comparison to a tiled shower, an acrylic wall delivers clean, seamless style that can be in various sizes, textures, patterns, colors and styles suitable to one’s space, plus they are easier to budget due to them being pre-made with set installation instructions.

At the same time, these offer strength and durability since some have inbuilt molded recess option for practical storage; the option of a flat wall with glass shelves is also available in order for a sleek minimal look.

Installing Acrylic Wall Panels

Acrylic wall panels can also be easily installed by using adhesive over solid walls and are durable and low maintenance in comparison to the use of tiles. These can also be directly installed over open studs therefore minimizing the hustle of installation.

They also have the  benefit of a leak proof solid base since the only area of potential leakage is at the drain thus offering better protection Shower in comparison to the tiled ones.

The installing process of the wall panels is a much quicker process compared to the tiled ones whatsoever the situation, whether done professionally or at home by yourself. Tiles are much more time consuming with much planning, cutting, trimming, spacing, gluing & grouting.

Cost Effective

Magnolia Acrylic Colour Shower PanelsThe acrylic panels are also more cost-effective than tiled walls since the material is lighter, can be easily fixed into awkward places and can be customized to an individual specifications prior to installation.

Maintenance and cleaning of a tiled shower wall can be time consuming and requires more effort unlike acrylic shower panels which requires a much lower level of maintenance. All that would be needed would be a gentle wipe so as to clean the wall. A non abrasive acrylic cleaner or simple household cleaner with water can also be used in getting rid of any more resilient stains.

Gut Instinct

It is thus possible to make a confident and positive decision after a solid analysis of the attributes of all the materials available. Both acrylic panels and tiled walls have panels their positive attributes and negative ones. Other than this, the decision should also be made on the basis of one’s gut instinct, budget, shower room space as well as the costs involved.