Acrylic kitchen splashbacks come in all shapes and sizes – printed, antique-looking, coloured and patterned, to name a few. Choosing the right design, colour and texture for your kitchen can lead to a complete interior design transformation. What does it take to choose a splashback that you’re going to be proud of? The answer will depend on several practical and a few aesthetic considerations.

Benefits of Acrylic Kitchen Splashbacks

Before determining which acrylic splashback you’re going to buy, it’s essential to get some idea about the most important benefits that the material brings to the table.

  • Durable: acrylic kitchen splashbacks are highly impact-resistant. In fact, they’re 10 times more tough than glass when it comes to withstanding impact. In addition, the Splashacrylic coated material is very difficult to scratch and it will maintain a beautiful appearance for years to come.
  • Versatile: acrylic is a material that can easily be cut and moulded, corresponding to your specific needs and preferences. Regardless of the splashback’s size or the shape of the place where it has to be installed, the acrylic will be easy to process and it will look impeccable.
  • Colours don’t fade: both coloured and printed splashbacks made of acrylic are highly resistant to fading with the passage of time. The material can sustain the colour, which means that a replacement isn’t going to be required any time soon.
  • Highly hygienic: acrylic is easy to clean and it doesn’t harbour bacteria. Acrylic is also a certified food-grade material, meaning that it’s not going to leech any chemicals or harmful substances. Food can come in contact with the splashback without jeopardising the health of family members.



Choosing Acrylic Splashbacks: the Quality of the Material

coloured acrylic kitchen splashbacksTo enjoy the benefits, you have to pick the right splashback. Take some time to acquaint yourself with the different products and compare them side by side. Looking for an optimal price to quality ratio will make you happy with your choice.

The quality of the acrylic is the first factor to examine if you want to be 100 per cent satisfied with the splashback. The quality of the best acrylic kitchen splashbacks depends on the type of acrylic and the resins used. Low-grade versions can even have spots and imperfections that will be easy to notice right from the start. All that you have to do is carry out a visual inspection to identify shortcomings, perhaps by ordering samples in advance.

One other point to think about is where are the splashbacks going to be installed in relation to any heat source such as a cooker. Acrylic is great as a protective wall panel in any kitchen environment except when it is mounted behind gas cooker hobs; they are fine behind electric and induction hobs; however, behind gas hobs you will need to install our glass splashbacks. If you have any reason to be concerned abut this check out our FAQ’s page for full details.

Colour and Pattern Quality

If you are interested in printed splashbacks or coloured acrylic, you’ll have to inspect the colours and the quality of the visuals. Perhaps the best and most convenient way to do this is by ordering colour samples of the material itself

The best printed splashbacks have images that are professionally bonded to the rear of each panel. This technology protects the visuals and increases the longevity of the acrylic splashback. Such coloured and printed splashbacks are characterised by more vibrancy. They’re easy to notice and apart from being practical, they contribute to the overall appeal of the kitchen space.

If you’re looking for a glass-like effect, opt for acrylic panels that are transparent panels with the colour or printed substrate bonded to the rear of it. The outcome will be very realistic and long-lived through the use of the respective manufacturing method.

Additional Characteristics

printed acrylic kitchen splashbacksWhether you’re looking for printed splashbacks or any other variety, you’ll have to look for a couple of very important extras:

  • Mould resistance: needless to say, you don’t want to have mould growing in the place where you prepare food and clean your dishes. The best acrylic kitchen splashbacks are mould-resistant, which diminishes the risk of any growth significantly.
  • Hard coating: having the acrylic surface labelled as “hard coated” means that it’s going to be a lot more scratch-resistant than standard acrylic.
  • Weight: the best acrylic will weigh approximately half what an exact same panel made of glass would. At the same time, it should be 10 times more impact-resistant.
  • Thickness: quality acrylic splashbacks are usually available in several thicknesses. The standard options come in the range from three to five millimeters.



In order to display proudly and enjoy your acrylic splashback, you have to be confident in its quality. Splash Acrylic is one of the most reputable manufacturers and this make your task a bit easier. They provide products with lengthy warranties that stand as evidence of quality.

acrylic splashback colour samplesThe top printed splashbacks on the market are provided with a 20-year warranty. You know that you’re getting a high quality product if the manufacturer is ready to give you a guarantee that spans over a two-decade period.

Company Reputation and Support

Finally, when buying from Splash Acrylic you’ll know that you’re buying a splashback from a reputable company that’s known for the quality of customer service it offers. Going through online reviews and finding out more about the experience of other clients will give you a lot of insight.

Make sure that you’ll get access to customer support, if you need assistance with the installation or if you have questions. A simple phone call will help you determine whether the company is putting priority on stellar customer service.

Finally, remember that the cheapest products on the market aren’t always the best ones. Look for the top price to quality ratio that’s backed up by a lengthy warranty. Sometimes, spending a bit more upfront can help you save a lot of money in the long run.