pink daisy printed picture shower panelVery few people know that printed acrylic shower panels exist, and that they are a fun decorative alternative to the usual old boring tiles that most people have. Neighbours have been known to show sheer jealously on their faces when being faced with some spectacular looking shower panels.

But what are they, and where can you get them? Well here is an article to explain all about finding and getting the perfect shower panels for your bathroom or shower room at home or at work.

Printed Shower Wall Panels Described

Acrylic shower panels are a panel that is mounted to the wall that can be in any colour, design or picture you like, and with such a great selection from Splash Acrylic you are sure to find yourself the perfect acrylic shower wall panels.

Splash Acrylic are a great inventive company that are now changing the way we will shower for years to come. Their range of printed wall panels have a variety of different patterns and styles that would suit all tastes.

The way this company works is: Through their website to tell them what design you would like from their wide range of designs which you can choose from. You specify the the measurements of your chosen design.

They then send you your cut to size shower panel along with downloadable advice on how to install them. It truly is easy to get your bathroom looking stunning and unique.

The Variety Empowers You

The only issue arises when choosing the design of your chosen panel. With so many different designs to choose from it can be difficult to make a decision. A tip that may help you decide though are to consider the style of the bathroom you already have. Sometimes people still think about choosing tiles, a good analysis of this option can be seen in our recent post on Acrylic V’s Tiles

What colour is it? Is it a modern flashy new bathroom in your edgy apartment, or is it an old Victorian bathroom that needs to have bathroom features that compliment the design and layout. Another factor to consider are you own personal preferences.

We personally love the panels exotic colonnade printed wall panel panel that will make you feel that you are showering in the middle of an old church.

acrylic shower panels Exotic Colonnade image

Beautiful Designs & Images

But perhaps you prefer the idea of floating in the sky, showering among the clouds, creating a dreamy surrealistic shower affect in your bathroom with your ‘dream come true’ bathroom design.

However if you are more of a traditionalist and love to have seaside or water themes in your bathroom, having such items as seashells and pirate ornaments on the walls and shelves, showering among swimming dolphin’s, or on a tropical beach would be a lovely traditional seaside theme to have.

Another option to have would be to shower above a modern city if you want a modern look for your shower room. With so many options it is impossible to go wrong with your wet room design choices.

The Printed Acrylic Shower Panels Store

Whatever you choose, Splash Acrylic has it all in terms of modernising a shower room. The sheer variety of designs Colour to choose from this kitchen, shower and bathroom wall panel store is enough to keep any customers happy. Not to mention the customer service, not only making and building the wall panels to your requirements but delivering and guaranteeing too.

It is no wonder that they have become such a popular company. If you liked the products and install them, then give us a shout, we would love to hear your opinions, or send us your pictures of your shower room looking stunning, we would love to see them!