Unique Range of Acrylic Wall Panels launching Soon

Since before our launch on the first of February 2016 we have been planning something special for you. Our ideas have been based around launching unique ranges of printed splashbacks, printed bathroom wall panels and printed shower panels. The will be known as the ‘Splash Acrylic Wall Art Series’

printed acrylic bathroom wall panel


Photographic style coupled with pragmatic design

Often you will see companies attaching the word ‘unique’ to their particular ranges of products. However, as you will see we have worked hard to ensure that our exclusive new ranges are going to be offering something new to the end users and are genuinely unique.


We have been working with a number of top photographers, people that you may well know from their photographic careers, as well as others who’s main career may be elsewhere, but who also have an incredible photographic talent.

Unfortunately it is too soon to reveal the actual pictures to you, but we will soon.  You will see them as splashbacks, shower panels and bathroom wall panels. We are planning for you to be able to order them in any size that you will need, they will then be individually manufactured and hand finished to perfection.




Creating images perfect for splashbacks & shower panels

After searching through their extensive back catalogues we have managed to select a range of superb images for you. We now have agreements in place to make them into acrylic wall panels of all sizes, custom made to order. In addition these photographers have planned further assignments. These photo shoots will be specially aimed at capturing images that will be perfect for more exciting, uniquely themed kitchen splashbacksbathroom wall panels and shower panels.

These exclusive ranges will start to launch in June 2016 and will continue to roll out over the next 12 months.


To see our full range, visit https://www.splashacrylic.com