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Acrylic Wall Panels For Bathrooms, Wet-Rooms & Showers


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shower and bathroom acrylic wall panels

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Acrylic Wall Panels For Showers, Bathrooms & Wet-Rooms

There is no doubt about it – a well chosen splashback can really put the finishing touch to the design and ambiance of any kitchen. This is why at Splash Acrylic we have put together the most comprehensive range of glass cooker splashbacks & acrylic splashbacks available anywhere. What is more, every one is made to your exact size requirements – so that you never pay one penny more than you need too!

  • Choose from over 100 colours – Get the perfect colours for that perfect look. No need for compromises!
  • Choose from 100’s of carefully selected images and patterns – Amazing imagery for a totally unique look & feel to your kitchen
  • Easily choose from different types, grades and thicknesses of material to suit your requirements – To fit your tastes and your budget
  • More choice than anyone else offers – Saves hours & hours of frustrating searching elsewhere , now it is all easily found in one store
  • Everything supplied at highly competitive low prices – You’ll know that you are always going to get the very best value
  • Colour samples always available for fast delivery – Getting the colours right can be crucial, now you can be really confident with your decisions.

Over recent years coloured and printed kitchen splashbacks have grown in popularity because they offer a unique & easy opportunity to bring vibrant colours or themes to your kitchen – quicker, cheaper and easier than any other method! Coloured splashbacks enable you to add such a stunning aspect to what is probably your busiest room. It is certainly something that you will enjoy for years to come.

What sets our acrylic shower and bathroom splashback panels apart?

First of all you have to look at the huge range of colours that you are able to have made up. Across the ranges that we offer you can choose from over 100 colours, either as solid colour Perspex panels cut to size where we offer more than 20 colour choices, or you can choose from the amazing Splash Acrylic & Hi Gloss Acrylic Kitchen splashback panels where the range includes 80+ more colours. Also there is the stunning sense of depth and richness from the visual experience that the substrate backed Ultra Gloss & Splash Acrylic offer.

Next – we only use the very highest quality materials in all of our products. Being craftsmen, here at Splash Acrylic it is important for us to work with the very best materials. Consequently our products are made from materials supplied by world leading companies like Perspex, Roland, Mactac & so on. We never compromise. This is how we offer a unique world class 20 year guarantee for all indoor installations of our products. Search as you might, you are unlikely to find this level of guarantee anywhere other than with us!

Finally there is the unique scratch resistance of Splash Acrylic. The Ultra Gloss & Splash Acrylic splashbacks are made with a colour or printed layer bonded to the rear of the panel. This does two things – first, it protects the colour or printed surface from the tough and challenging kitchen environment where heat, humidity and wear & tear are enduring hazards for any fine finished product. Then there is the hard coated, scratch resistant surface of Splash Acrylic. Almost 100% visually identical to the Ultra Gloss surface, Splash Acrylic is phenomenally resistant to the day to day wear and tear of busy bathrooms. This means they are easy to clean, hygienic and that scratch free surface is far more enduring giving you a better experience for years to come.

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