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Coloured Acrylic Shower Panels

///Coloured Acrylic Shower Panels

Colour Acrylic Shower Panels


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100+ Colours of Acrylic Shower Panels

Colour Acrylic Shower PanelsOur colour acrylic shower panels are an ever more popular alternative to traditional tiles and solid colour panels. Providing a new and exciting experience they allow you to enjoy your shower room like never before. When you take your pick from these stunning colour shower panels you’ll be adding that  ‘wow’ factor into your home or business – quickly and easily!

Look though this line of colour acrylic shower panels and see the huge range of options that you have. Discover the easy-follow ordering system and your shower panels will be made to your exact requirements.

Magnolia Acrylic Colour Shower PanelsAfter selecting the colour you want, we manufacture the shower panels to your particular sizes. They are offered in both standard shower tray widths as well as custom sizes. Being ‘made to size’ means less waste and everything is more cost effective. This also means that they’re easier to transport and to install. Please enjoy selecting and ordering your colour shower panels – we enjoyed designing them!

  • Over 80 Splash Acrylic™ & Ultra Gloss Acrylic™ colours – Choose the exact colour for that perfect look. No compromises needed!
  • Different combinations of material types and thicknesses – Select the ideal material for your needs and budget!
  • More choice than anyone else offers – Saves frustrating searches elsewhere, you will find it all here.
  • Everything supplied at highly competitive low prices – You’ll know that you are always going to get the very best value
  • Colour & material samples always available for fast delivery – Getting the colours right is crucial, order samples today and get fast delivery.

Ocean Blue coloured Acrylic Shower PanelsAcrylic colour shower panels are growing in popularity very fast. They provide you with a fast and effective opportunity to bring natural, vibrant or dramatic colours to your bathrooms, wet rooms & showers – like never before! They allow you to add increased feeling & personality to what is one of the most personal of spaces. People who use these rooms will benefit from your shower panel choices for years to come.

What sets our colour acrylic shower panels apart?

Our 80+ colours that you’re able to have made up into coloured acrylic shower panels is more than other suppliers offer. Additionally there is the stunning sense of depth and richness that you experience. This is due to the special manufacturing and hand finishing process of the substrate backed Ultra Gloss Acrylic™ & Splash Acrylic™ shower panels.

Buttercup Colour Acrylic Shower PanelsEverything is made with the very highest quality materials. Our colour acrylic shower panels are made from materials supplied by world leading companies like Perspex™, Roland, Mactac & so on. We do not compromise. This is how we offer a unique world class 20 year guarantee for all indoor installations of our products. You are unlikely to find this guarantee anywhere else!

The Ultra Gloss Acrylic™ & Splash Acrylic™ shower panels are made with the colour layer bonded to the rear of the panel. This makes them protected from the challenging shower room environments where wear & tear, regular cleaning, saturation and enduring humidity are constant hazards for any product which has a polished surface.

Very important for many environments is the ‘harder than glass’ scratch resistant surface of Splash Acrylic™.  Almost 100% visually identical to the Ultra Gloss Acrylic™ surface, Splash Acrylic™ is tremendously resistant to the daily wear and tear of busy environments. The shower panels are hygienic, easy to clean, and that scratch free surface is far more enduring.

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