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////Boat On Lake At Sunset Printed Acrylic Kitchen Splashback
boat on lake at sunset kitchen splashback
boat on lake at sunset
boat on lake at sunset printed kitchen splashback
boat on lake at sunset kitchen splashback
boat on lake at sunset
boat on lake at sunset printed kitchen splashback

Boat On Lake At Sunset Printed Acrylic Kitchen Splashback

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Tranquility – the end of the day on a lake far away! – 

Enjoy the exquisite appeal of printed Ultra Sheen & Ultra Gloss Acrylic kitchen splashback panels. They add life, colour & personality to your kitchen with the ultimate in textural and protective finishes.

  • Ultra Sheen Antibacterial Acrylic™ – For hygiene sensitive areas, hard coated & a satin finish
  • Ultra Gloss Hard Coated Acrylic™ – More scratch resistant than glass for long life
  • Ultra Gloss Acrylic™  3mm or 5mm thick panels – Flexibility to suit your needs
  • Up to 3m x 1.5m – Cut-To-Size to your measurements. Easier handling. No wastage
  • Colour is bonded to the rear of the panel – Greatly improved & protected colour vibrancy
  • Chemical & mould resistant – Giving you easy to clean, hygienic surfaces
  • Half the weight of glass – Easy to trim & install, simply glue into place with NO GROUTING!

Choose Acrylic Type & Thickness *

Enter Splashback Width (100mm-3000mm) *

Enter Splashback Height (100mm-1200mm) *

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Before clicking the Add To Cart button, ensure you have chosen from the Acrylic Type & Panel Thickness options, and double check the measurements you have entered! PLEASE NOTE: Within 48 hours of your order, we email you a proof for approval of how this image will appear in your panel(s).

Product Description

Boat On Lake At Sunset Printed Acrylic Kitchen Splashback

The best way to purchase printed acrylic kitchen splashback panels

kitchen splashback measuring guideApplying the choices above, decide or enter the following:

  • Determine which of the panel types you’d like your acrylic kitchen splashback made of – 5mm Ultra Gloss Hard Coated Acrylic™, 5mm Ultra Gloss Acrylic™ or 3mm Ultra Gloss Acrylic™
  • Submit your own dimensions, enter the complete size of the panel section you’re looking for (we will set the eventual cut size for expansion & installation when we make the splashback panel)
  • Choose your sockets and cut-out choices, type in the total needed. We’re going to request dimension details later just after checkout
  • Repeat as required for any additional panels
  • Pick the adhesive option if you wish, verify you typed in sizes accurately, and then hit the Add To Cart button.
  • Note: We’ll crop the image to be able to fit the complete length of the splashback panel (or perhaps combination of panels whenever two or more are ordered). You’ll be able to inform us of the important points within the options immediately after checkout.
  • See an emailed proof image of your order – Within 2 working days of your order being placed, we’ll email you a proof to get your approval on how this image will look when printed on the panel(s). Adjustments may still be performed at this stage.
  • Unclear about something? Make use of the Contact Form or call us on 023 9309 2583, Mon-Fri 09.00-18.00, Sat & Sun 10.00-18.00

Ultra Gloss Hard Coated Acrylic™ & Ultra Gloss Acrylic™ Printed Splashbacks are the compelling innovative alternative to tiles. Choose any printed kitchen splashback cut-to-size in panels anywhere up to 1200mm x 3000mm. We will fabricate them to your exact specifications. After delivery they are easy enough to trim or perhaps to create cut-outs using common woodworking tools.

Printed Kitchen Splashback Options Not Available Anywhere Else

With our printed acrylic kitchen splashbacks there are many photographs and patterns to pick from. You can now add more life into your kitchen, put glamour, drama or maybe joy into the room. Alternatively delight in making a play with way more somber and genteel pictures. This will make obtaining an innovative new ambiance and even offering a new lease of life to a tired kitchen is quicker, less difficult and more fun than in the past!

Incredible Printed Kitchen Splashbacks – created to do a job!

In our factories we permanently bond & laminate our premium grade high quality printed pictures to the reverse side of the custom size picture splashback wall panels. The actual acrylic is translucent. Consequently on the outer visible surface the effects with the high gloss surface is certainly magnificent. This is since the colours eminating from the printed backing possess a depth and lucidity all of their own and seem to come alive. This kind of powerful experience is only attainable with the highest grade un-tinted acrylic which we work with – it really is considerably more optically pure than glass!

  • Ultra Gloss Hard Coated Acrylic™ wall panels are chemical and mould resistant making cleaning & caring for them seem trouble-free.
  • Optically pure acrylic, that is reverse bonded utilizing the premier quality printing to allow for an incredibly richer visual experience
  • Every panel is printed out & made to order, costing you less and making life easier!
  • 10x the impact resistance of glass & half the weight – much better to deal with and fix in place.
  • Aesthetically stunning, the actual printed splashbacks enjoy a defining effect in most kitchen spaces

PLUS: The ‘Ultra Gloss Hard Coated Acrylic™’ Printed picture kitchen splashbacks are hard coated for the ultimate in resistance to daily wear & tear!

Your 5mm Ultra Gloss Hard Coated Acrylic™ & 3mm or 5mm Ultra Gloss™ Acrylic Splashbacks panels are manufactured making use of the most up-to-date manufacturing techniques. They’ll have your graphic printed & permanently adhered to the reverse side of your splashback where by it’s always protected for long life and a amazing finish designed to continue.

Before Ordering, Please note:

  • Double check the sizes prior to making your order!
  • The printed graphics run edge to edge to the rear of the panel.
  • Acrylic panels ordinarily are not suited to be fitted straight behind gas cooker hobs, see our FAQ’s
  • In order to look at the product quality, you can order a colour sample here: Perpsex & Acrylic Splashback, Shower Panel and Kick Plate Samples, and included in these are the scratch resistant Splash Acrylic that you can test for yourself!

Ordering is easy:

  • contact us for help with printed kitchen splashback PanelsChoose from the Acrylic Panel Type selections above
  • Enter the printed splashback panel length and width (mm)
  • Determine through the possible choices what number of socket holes or wall panel cut-out sections that you’ll want (optional) – We will ask for measurement specifics afterwards.
  • Decide on the choice for the Adhesive Fixing Kit designed for our Acrylic Splashbacks (optional)
  • Add To Cart, insert the shipping specifics & make payment
  • Phone us when you any queries
  • The custom made order will then be sent to you within just 14 business days.

Additional Information

Image Theme

Boat, Sunrise, Sunset, Water


Kitchen Splashback


Splash Acrylic, Ultra-Gloss Acrylic


Custom Sizes, maximum – 1200mm x 3000mm, minimum – 100mm x 100mm

Panel Thickness

3mm, 5mm


10-14 working days


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