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Calico Glass Hob Splashback

Calico glass hob splashback
Calico colour acrylic sample
Calico, cream glass cooker splashbacks
Calico glass hob splashback
Calico colour acrylic sample
Calico, cream glass cooker splashbacks

Calico Glass Hob Splashback

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You'll love the uplifting effect that our stunning colour Glass Hob Splashbacks will bring to your kitchen. We offer the widest choice of colours and best prices available anywhere!

  • Glass Hob Splashbacks – Glass is the required material when fitting behind direct heat sources like gas cooker hobs. Choose our acrylic products for use behind induction & electric hobs.
  • These 'Low Iron' Toughened Glass Splashbacks are green tint free and perfectly colour matched to use in combination with our acrylic splashbacks.
  • High quality 6mm thick glass – Comes with an amazing Peace Of Mind 20 Year Warranty
  • All sizes up to 2000mm X 3000mm – Perfect for mounting behind hobs of all sizes
  • Colour is bonded to the rear of the panel – Greatly improved & protected colour vibrancy
  • Faster than tiles to fit – Easy to install, simply glue into place with NO GROUTING!

Glass Splashback Width (100mm-3000mm) *

Glass Splashback Height (100mm-1200mm) *

Check the next box if this glass picture splashback is to be part of a multi-panel orderi.e. the middle section of a longer picture kitchen splashback. Else leave it unchecked
After checkout you will have the option to ulpoad an image, description or diagram of the panel arrangement that you want. We will then send you a proof within 2 working days for approval

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If required, corner fixings holes need to be added at this stage. They cannot be drilled later.

Product Description

Calico – Cream & Ivory Glass Hob Splashbacks

How to order glass hob splashback panels

kitchen splashback measuring guideUsing the options above, select or enter the following:

  • Enter your measurements, put in the full size of the panel section you require (we will adjust the eventual cut size for expansion & fitting when we make the panel)
  • If this is part of a multi panel order, put a check in the next box.
  • Select the rounded corner and cut-out options, select all the options required. We will ask for measurement details later after checkout
  • If you wish select the adhesive option or choose to have drill holes for screw fixings pre made in your panel. Double check your measurements and click the Add To Cart button.
  • If you are unsure of anything, use the Contact Form or Call Us on 023 9309 2583, Mon-Thurs 09.00-17.00, Fri 09.00 – 14.15

Glass Hob Splashbacks are designed to be installed behind direct heat sources such as gas cookers. Our glass splashabcks are 6mm thick and are available in sizes ranging from 100mm up to 1200mm in height and 100mm up to 3000mm width.

In the Splash colour range you have an amazing 82 colours to choose from. You can now easily add life to your kitchen, put glamour into the room or enjoy making a play with the contrasting colours. Creating a new atmosphere or giving a second life to an old kitchen is simplicity itself!

About the ‘Low Iron’ glass hob splashbacks:

gas cooker glass hob splashback explainer
Made from toughened glass which has a very low iron content these particular splashbacks are optically pure, being similar to colourless transparent acrylic, in that they do not have any ‘green glass tint’.

This means that they are the ideal glass for being colour or image backed in order to match colours in the finished product against our Splash Acrylic panels.

This enables them to be incorporated in longer splashback displays which run behind heat sources where a glass panel is required for that section – such as a gas hob.

If your installation will be behind an electric or induction hob, then our acrylic splashback panels will be a better option.

Brilliant Kitchen Splashbacks – designed for the job!

We back the glass panels with the highest grade colour vinyls from our Splash colour range. The front facing high gloss glass surface is stunning as you see the colours come alive with amazing depth and clarity.

  • Ideal for mounting behind any gas, electric or induction cooker hob
  • The toughened the glass is ideal for any busy or commercial kitchen
  • Over 80 colours of all shades & hues to choose from
  • 6mm thick & available in a multitude of sizes
  • Easy clean – Wipes clean and has a natural high resistance to soap and mould build up
  • The glass will not crack, warp, stain or discolour from normal kitchen use
  • Up to 3 times faster to install than tiles

Ordering is easy:

  • contact us for help with Acrylic Kitchen Splashback PanelsSelect the size of glass hob splashback that you require from the options above.
  • Double check your measurements before placing your order!
  • Your order will dispatched to you within just 21 working days.
  • To see the material quality you can order a colour chart and coloured (acrylic) sample by clicking here: Acrylic Splashback, Shower Panel and Kick Plate Samples, and these include the scratch resistant Splash Acrylic which you can test for yourself!

Additional Information


Custom Sizes, maximum – 1200mm x 3000mm, minimum – 100mm x 100mm


Beige, Cream, Ivory


Low Iron Glass

Panel Thickness



Kitchen Splashback, Splashback


21 working days


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