Press Release 14th April 2016: Kitchen Splashback Panels

Splash Acrylic help catch kitchen splatters using acrylic and glass panels as splashbacks, and have doubled their number of designs to offer more than 90 unique colours and styles.

Fairy Tale Forest Printed Kitchen Acrylic Splashback PanelsWhen cooking in the kitchen the inevitable but unwanted result of all that stirring, tossing, chopping and mixing is splashback. These small particles of food that go astray can pepper the surfaces and become a real nuisance to clean off, especially when it comes to the walls, not to mention the daily wear and tear of bumps and scrapes. That’s why anyone serious about the look and functionality of their kitchen uses splashback panels behind the cookers and worktops. Splash Acrylic offer novel and new ranges of acrylic kitchen splashbacks that use a hardwearing, lightweight and scratch resistant form of acrylic. They have just doubled their range to include more than 90 colours and styles.

With every conceivable colour included, there are also a wide range of eye-catching printed designs, including a full suite of grey splashback panels for corporate venues as well as domestic and professional kitchens. Since their launch early in 2016, they have been overwhelmed by the uptake of early adopters and leading lights in the industry, emboldening them to expand their product range.

This latest expansion sees the company offer stunning printed images bonded onto the panels as well as coloured acrylic wall panels, which are cut to size for every client and can be up to 3 meters long. All products can be delivered across the whole of the UK, and individually created to fit any space.

Steve Hogg, managing director of Splash Acrylic, explained, “We have been delighted with the response and have found that the most popular colour ranges for Kitchen Splashback Panels are the softer, natural tones of greys and creams, plus some great turquoise and aqua shades. We have made sure that while we have created some bold new styles with the expansion, we have also created many more subtle and tasteful pieces that will look right at home in the classiest residential kitchens. We look forward to seeing these products flying off shelves and into homes as soon as possible.”

About Splash Acrylic: The Splash Acrylic team possess decades of experience in the plastics manufacturing industry, and have innovated this new Splash Acrylic product: an incredible light weight material that is highly scratch resistant making it one of the most perfect materials for kitchen splashback panels. Based in the south of England, they custom design and manufacture an enormous range of acrylic kitchen splashbacks and acrylic shower panels. The majority of customers range right through the domestic, institutional and commercial markets, basically anyone who has kitchens or bathrooms.

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